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Yuri Grisendi

Name: Yuri Grisendi
Age: 47
Country: Italy


What is your favourite fishing?

My favorite fishing is catfshing, pikefishing and predatorfishing in general. I fish in the river Po, the biggest river in the northern part of Italy. It is a pretty wild river with monster european catfish.
My dream is to fish all the famous rivers in the world and catch the biggest and meanest predators in each water.
I am the owner of CatFishing World, where I'm a fishing guide on the rivers of Itlay.

Which qualities must your fishing clothes have?

Catfishing requires a high-quality technical clothing. The fabric must be very resistant and durable. Water proofness is a high priority along with wind proofness to stay warm and comfortable for a full day one that water. I find these qualities in a lot of Geoff Andersons fishing clothing, but I would like to highlight the Dozer 4 jacket and the Urus 4 pants. I use both of them in the color Leaf, and I am very satisfied with this set.

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