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Matteo Temprendola

Name: Matteo Temprendola
Age: 29
Country: Italy

Give a short introduction of yourself
I think I was about three years old when my mother took me into the lake near our house where my uncle was waiting for me. That day, armed with fishing rods and patience, I began to build up a passion for fishing. In years to come, my thoughts are dominated by fishing techniques, frames and big fish to catch. Obsessively.
Without exception, every day, wherever I am, with the same obsession as a kid. In a natural way, I started producing photographic and video material, and I created the web TV "Fishcubetv" with my friend Daniel Vinci. We have produced two television series: "Street Fishers" and "Wild Fishing Expedition". I think it is a great satisfaction to make your hobby a job.

What is your favorite fishing?
Growing up, I got close to spin fishing with a small rod and lures which has given me a lot of good times through the years. I've participated in many competitions like spinning for trout and the bass fishing competitions, getting good results. My favorite fishing technique is spinning, and I love all predators in fresh and salt water.  

Which qualities must your fishing clothes have?
I think that clothes for fishing must be comfortable because as a fisherman you wear it several hours a day. The clothing should fit into the environment, where it is used. My attention to the clothings detail is critical and I put great priority into optimal comfort and easy to use.

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